Kilkerran 'Heavily Peated' Batch #1 59.3%

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Distilled from the very first batch of heavily peated barley to be used at the Glengyle distillery, this new limited edition release marks the start of their 'Peat in Progress' series. Compared to the standard Kilkerran, the peat smoke plays a big part in the flavour - with flavours of nutty & smoky malted barley, freshly ground, alongside a rich and quite chocolatey background. From Horlicks to Tim Tams and whipped nougart, the sweet and smoky flavours mingle together, with touches of vanilla pods and dustings of cocoa powder and peat. At natural strength it is quite punchy, so you may find with a splash or two of water it softens and opens up a wee bit. A last little fleeting hint of old wooden fishing boats reminds us of the Campbeltown sea-air that the casks have quietly been breathing in. One of the biggest hits at our recent Campbeltown Malts tasting this year, offering an exciting glimpse of what the future holds for Glengyle.

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