Edradour Distillery

Nestled in the middle of Scotland in a wee place called Pitlochry is the Edradour [Edra-dour ] distillery, one of the smallest yet most visited distilleries in the country. Edradour is a robust highland style, offering notes of toffee, vanilla pod and dried fruits. A unique character of peppermint creme is also noted in the background, particularly of the older or cask strength expressions.


  • Soft, smooth and flavoursome, this is one of our most in-demand single malt whiskies
  • Frequently visited by kiwi's on trips to Scotland, and sought after by those who have been
  • A great range of whiskies including cask strength and small batch offerings, and the heavily peated Ballechin range
Distillery website: www.edradour.com