Independent Bottlers

 Independent bottlings date back to the very origins of single malt whisky being sold in Scotland, with grocers selling local whiskies direct to customers, often straight from the cask. Today, independent bottlers offer a rare opportunity to try single malts from either single casks or small batches, often bottled at their natural cask strength and without chill-filtration or coloring - these bottlings are as close to drinking whisky straight from the barrel in a warehouse in Scotland.

Please note: Due to the limited nature of these single and small cask bottlings, availability and supply changes rapidly, and if you require large quantities of any of these bottlings we would advise you contact us directly.


  • These small-batch or single-cask bottlings are limited editions, often individually numbered bottles that are available in small quantities
  • Ranges cover all varieties and styles, including closed distilleries and those that do not offer distillery bottlings (e.g. Port Ellen, Brora etc)
  • A broad range of vintages and ages are available - ideal for gifts, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions

We are very proud of the independent bottlers below that we have chosen to represent in New Zealand as sole agents: