Black Tot Rum

Black Tot Rum is inspired but the traditions of Navy Rum. True Navy Rum is a 'world blend' of almost all available rums - there is no set recipe. Black Tot have taken this concept, refined it and created a spirit that reflect both the quality and flavour profiles expected by the discerning rum drinker of today. 

Black Tot takes its name from the ration of rum issued daily to sailors of the Royal Navy. In 1970, it was voted in Parliament to stop the rum ration given fears surrounding the more complex technology now in operation across the navy. Funerals were held on ships for the ‘day the rum died’ and 31st July 1970 became forever known as Black Tot Day.

A very excited addition to the Whisky Galore portfolio.

Points of Difference

  • A showcase of rums from some of the finest Caribbean rum distilleries in operation today -  Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica
  • Bottled at 46.2% the higher ABV gives a stronger and fuller flavour
  • Unsweetened with no additives
  • Cocktail friendly price and ABV - Premium rum blends at this price and ABV are rare, Black tot fills a strong flavour full-bodied rum niche