Waterford Distillery

"Waterford Distillery is a major new whisky project by the man behind the renaissance of Islay's Bruichladdich single malt whisky."

In 2015 Mark Reynier converted a state of the art brewery, originally built by Diageo, into what is now Waterford Distillery with the promise to make "the most profound Irish Whisky."

The team at Waterford Distillery has made it their mission to place barley and its provenance at the centre of everything they do. They source their barley from 97 farms across Ireland and each farmer’s crop is harvested, stored, malted and distilled separately in order to capture in spirit each farms terroir.

Each bottle of Waterford whisky features its own TÉIREOIR code, which when entered online reveals a host of content related to the release allowing us to see exactly where the whisky originated from and its journey from field to bottle.