Glenfarclas Distillery

Regarded by many as the quintessential Speyside single malt whisky, Glenfarclas [glen-far-clas] is one of the most iconic and well respected whiskies produced in Scotland today. Their style is that of the classic heavier Speyside whisky, with a focus on exceptional sherry cask maturation achieving a balance of flavours of old-fashioned fruitcake, subtle spices and dark fruits. The standard expressions from Glenfarclas span a range of ages from 12 to 40 years old. The 15 and 21 years old are amongst our most popular whiskies, especially for high end bars and restaurants. Glenfarclas bottle a range called the 'Family Casks', a single cask, cask strength selection from each year from between 1954 - 2001. Pricing and availability for these is available on request.

  • An absolute classic representation of the Speyside single malt whisky style
  • A comprehensive range of ages and vintages from 12 years up to 40 years and older
  • Glenfarclas is a sophisticated and elegant dram that has a very broad appeal

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