Kilkerran (Glengyle Distillery)

The whisky made at the Glengyle [glen-gyle] distillery in Campbeltown is called Kilkerran, named after the Gaelic Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain which is the original name for the settlement where Campbeltown now resides. Glengyle has a rich and interesting history, originally built in 1872 by the Mitchell's of Springbank, it produced whisky until it's closure in 1925. While the equipment and all stocks have been long lost history, the buildings remained intact until in 2004 the Mitchell's once again established the distillery with all new stills and equipment. The style of whisky remains typical of the region, with great complexity and distinctive briney character.


  • One of only 3 distilleries in the Campbeltown region, and very true to the region's unique flavours
  • For collectors and drinkers alike, a new distillery is an exciting thing to follow
  • The Kilkerran style is mildly peaty and coastal, a style that is very much in demand
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