About Us

Whisky Galore (H. L. Milne Ltd) is a small family company started by my Great Uncle Hector and my father in 1946 as a legal entity in Scotland.  

In those days the trade was in seed and grain and  whisky as a afterthought brokering to pay bills trading casks of whiskies when such things were hard to come by in the 1950’s and 60’s.

In 1992, shortly after my arrival in New Zealand I could see that there was a gap in the market for quality single malts and simply contacted my father to see what we might import to satisfy what I saw as a very small niche demand. Suffice to say that what was a hobby has mushroomed into a full time business with 3 of our family involved full time and a dedicated team sourcing and distributing fine whiskies throughout New Zealand and the world.

We specialize in selecting, importing and distributing the very finest single malt, blended and other whiskies from Scotland and around the world. We are very proud of our range, product knowledge, expertise and service and our aim is to satisfy your whisky requirements. When you telephone, e-mail or get in touch with us you are dealing with a real person with passion and whisky knowledge and an impressive range of products to choose from.

At Whisky Galore we travel frequently in advancement of our whisky knowledge and also to source different and new expressions of fine whiskies that we think are of interest, and we also travel throughout New Zealand and now Australia and further afield promoting and advising on the wonderful business that is Whisky! We enjoy very much who we meet, what we try and what we do.

Whether through the website, telephone, e-mail or indeed in person we will always strive to offer up a selection to tempt, service and expertise like no other and most importantly help you to find the “Dram of Your Dreams”.

Welcome to Whisky Galore,

Slainte Mhor,

 Michael F. Fraser Milne