Black Bottle

The story of Black Bottle dates back to 1879 when the three Graham brothers turned their hand from tea blending to Scotch blending. The whisky that they created was to be bottled in pitch black German glass, a rare thing in those days, and a decision that gave rise to the name of their whisky that is now enjoyed world-wide. Black Bottle has undergone a rebirth of late, inspired by a recipie and design that was developed from a bottle from the 1920's. The whisky itself is now richer, more full bodied and fruitier, with the hallmark whisps of smoke still present in the background. Black Bottle is what we consider to be a 'malt whisky' drinkers blend, offering a degree of complexity and depth not often found in blends.


  • All new 1920's inspired packaging and design in a unique black oval bottle
  • Richer and more sherry-cask influenced than some blends owing to its influence from East-Highland single malts
  • A touch of smoke and peat carries through from nose to palate

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