Sagamore Rye Whiskey

Since April 2017, Sagamore have been distilling and aging our proprietary straight rye whiskey from our distillery on Baltimore’s waterfront.

To get their whiskey on the shelves sooner, they asked their friends in Indiana to distill  two different proprietary mash bills. Once the whiskey is aged, it’s shipped to their Maryland distillery in barrels and the distilling team proofs it with Sagamore Farm spring water, before hand-bottling and labeling each one.

The Sagamore Signature is a blend of two straight rye mash bills, aged 4 to 6 years in high-char American oak barrels. The first is a high-rye, which adds notes of cinnamon and clove, and the second, a low-rye, contributes notes of caramel, honey, and citrus peel.

A great addition to your American Whiskey Range.