Miyagikyo Distillery

Miyagikyo [me-ya-gi-kyo] is one of Japan's 'modern' distilleries, built in the Miyagi prefecture in 1969. Miyagikyo produces both single malt and grain whisky, both of which are seldom seen outside of Japan. The style of Miyagikyo is similar to that of Yoichi, with a slightly stronger influence from the use of peated barley, giving it a more pronounced smoky edge than the other Nikka distilleries. The Miyagikyo range is extremely well priced and is a great introduction to the delights of Japanese whisky.


  • Unmistakably Japanese style presentation
  • Slightly heavier and peatier than the other Nikka whiskies
  • One of the core whiskies in most Nikka blends

The demand for Japanese whisky world-wide has increased by a staggering amount in recent years, and this trend is very much reflected here in New Zealand.

Distillery website: www.nikka.com/eng/distilleries/miyagikyo.html